Technical specifications
Max. wire diameter SF14-22 max. 22mm | SF18-33 max. 33mm
Workbench height adjustment 0 – 300mm
Wire axis above ground level Customized according to customer
Control lever PLC-control (only applicable to SF18-33)
Welding machine 15kW-WF390 three phase – 3×400 VACWelding with addition of filler material
Welding time From 15 to 45 seconds
Total power 15kW without tempering
Cutting 0,5kW round – 1×220 VAC singlephase
Installation 32 A socketInstant electrical connection
Overall process time Cutting+welding: min. 6 – max. 10 minutesNear-total elimination of manual grinding operations
Weight Kg. 700




A- Length 1.400 mm
B- Width 900 mm
C- Height without cylinder 1.500 mm
D- Height with cylinder 1.700 mm
E- Minimum height wire 920 mm
E- Maximum height wire 1.170 mm



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA①Shift the welder onto the wire-drawing machine input axis and adjust the height of the workbench.
②Put the wire being processed in the lefthand clamp and lock it in place. Make a bevel cut using the cutter.





IMGP5708③Put the wire coming from the unprocessed coil in the right-hand clamp and lock it in place. Make a bevel cut using the cutter.
④Bring the two wire ends together within the copper shell housing.





IMGP5704⑤Lock the copper shell housing making sure that the two wire ends are hermetically closed within the housing.
⑥Pull the welding torch nearer to the copper shell housing and insert the device in the appropriate hole.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA⑦Push the appropriate button to start automatic welding. Welding time and quantity of filler material, which are both dependent on the wire diameter, are selected for the required task through the programmer unit.





The SF welder offers significant advantages when compared to commercially available butt welders:
• low operating costs: it consumes approximately 20% of the energy used by a butt welder of the same size
• instant installation: three-phase electrical connection
• near-total elimination of manual grinding operations
• operators’ safety: activities are straightforward, safe and non-fatiguing
• workbench with height adjustment: easier wire handling and reduced risk of contact between the operator and the wire
• shorter welding time: the duration of the whole process ranges from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 minutes (Ø size from 14 to 33 mm)
• storage of welding parameters (processing time and quantity of filler material)
• possibility to weld different materials together;
• no additional power supply required for tempering welded parts
• elimination of power factor correction systems for electricity lines