Palletized Uncoiler TP 20 PL

Palletized Uncoiler TP 20 PL


Technical specifications
Max. wire diameter (tensile strength R=600 n/mm2) 20 mm
Feeding – lifting motor output 2,2 Kw (24V)
Travel motor output 0,8 Kw (24V)
Control unit power 2,2 Kw (24V)
Battery 320Ah – 24V – C
Travel speed 1,67 m/s
Hoisting speed 11 cm/s
Operating pressure of electromagnetic brake 120 bar
Weight 1.700 Kg
Overall sizes 1.700 x 1.900 x 1.100 mm
Wire from the ground clearance (min. – max) 950 – 1.870 mm


This machine is designed for an easy, quick and reliable feeding of the wire to high-speed forming presses for the manufacture of screws, rivets and other metal parts. When changing the wire roll and splicing of the wire, the operator assisted by our machine can perform these operations in full autonomy and within a very short time. It enables to eliminate manual labour and consequently any risks of professional illnesses. In addition any risk of mechanical contact is highly reduced. In three words: savings, safety, productivity.

The mechanical strength of the thrust rollers – and the provision for the height adjustment as above – ensure an easy, quick, and safe wire pointing and splicing between the end of the coil being fed and the tail of the coil previously processed on the forming press. Another essential operation performed by the TP 20 PL Palletized Coiler is the straightening of the wire coil ends.. This feature enables to fully use up the wire coil ends (thus improving the material efficiency) and to ease any splicing with the following coil. The machine is completely independent from the forming press which is feeding and does not require any fixed pneumatic or electric connection. The machine drive is provided by a set of batteries and electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic controls that ensure able to operate independently because of the battery unit and the internal electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives, which enable all the specified functions.

Operational steps

pallettizzato02The TP 20 PL Palletized Uncoiler is a very versatile mobile machine that can be used to feed various presses within a production area. When positioned between the forming presses and the reel holders, this machine can handle wire coils or wire rod coils having a diameter of 10 to 21 mm and a weight of up to 3 tons. The motorized feeding follows by simply locating the machine in front of the reel holder, by taking the coil end and feeding the wire through the motorized roller block. At this point, by means of a simple push button panel, the wire is straightened and fed through to the forming press (or the in-line draw bench, if installed). The same control also enables to easily adjust the wire outlet height, thus fitting any type of                                                            forming press and in-line draw bench.