Turning Device RM 3000

Turning Device RM 3000


Technical specifications
Load capacity 3.000 Kg
Overall sizes 1.900 x 2.400 x h 2.200 mm
Weight 1.500 Kg


The Turning Device RM 3000 is a unit designed to handle with a minimum effort, quickly and safely, a large number of wire coils with a weight of up to 3 tons which have to be turned from the horizontal to the vertical position or viceversa.

. Safe and speedy operations of turning of wire coils even of large dimensions with a weight of up to 3 tons.
. Ideal solution to cut down standstill time due to wire coil change.
. The turning operation can be automatized by using a remote control located on the forklift.
. Coil stands already available in the mill can be used.
. Great handling capacity within very restricted spaces.
. Quick processing of coils of large sizes and weight.


Operational steps

ribaltatore2After opening the guard the wire coil is easily loaded and then positioned onto the basket bottom.






ribaltatore3Locate the reel inside the coil.







ribaltatore4After the automatic turning the operator can take the coil and move it to the production line.