Uncoiler TP 24 SM

Uncoiler TP 24 SM


Technical specifications
Max. wire diameter (tensile strength R=600 n/mm2) 24 mm
Max. coil outer diameter 1.400 mm
Max. coil weight 3.000 Kg
Main motor output 2,2 Kw
Auxiliary motor output 1,5 Kw
Compressed air working pressure 6 Bar
Overall sizes 1.750 x 1.600 x h 2.300 mm
Weight 1.800 Kg


The Uncoiler TP 21 SM is a unit designed to take up wire coils and to feed them into the cold header. It can handle wire coils of up to 3 tons weight in a diameter range of 10 to 21 mm. The coils are positioned vertically, this being the ideal position for unwinding the wire rod. . The Uncoiler is fully independent from the cold header or the one-draft drawing block. . The vertical position of the wire coils prevents the cold header stops due to any overlapping of undrawn wire. . It can handle quite heavy wire coils of large sizes within very restricted areas, thus reducing the machine downtime during the feeding operations. . The wire coil change is carried out within a few minutes and no special skills from the operator are required.  Just one operator works in fully safe conditions. No physical effort is required, thus avoiding any risk of professional illnesses. Zero scrap: the coil end is straightened and the wire is completely used up. . Great saving of labour and material costs. . Easy and quick set-up and maintenance.

Operational steps


The wire is automatically fed to the cold header by just one operator within a few minutes. The unwinding height can be easily adjusted by an electric control. The uncoiler therefore fits into any infeed height of one-draft drawing block or cold header and ensures the joining of both wire ends positioned on the same axis.








The wire end is straightened and processed by the cold header without being scrapped, thus enhancing the efficiency of material usage.