Wire heater SCF 308S-312-916

Wire heater SCF 308S-312-916


Technical specifications
Max. wire diameter from 2 to 20 mm
Required wire length from 250 to 1.300 mm
Power supply 380/400 V – 50 Hz singlephase – 11/14/25 KVA
Max. heating current 800 A – 1.400 A
Max. output voltage 8 V – 10/11 V
Max. temperature 300°C/450°C
Width 300/950 mm
Height 1.000/1.300/1.500 mm
Length 1.000/1.500 mm
Weight 200/350/550 Kg



The SCF Wire Heater SCF is a unit designed to pre-heat stainless steel wire of 2 to 20 mm diameter before cold heading.
The pre-heating up to 300°C (450°C on the 308S model), is carried out by converting the electric power into heat onto the wire only, thus providing a uniform distribution of the temperature and improving the material plasticity.
Surely a clever alternative to both the old-fashioned dangerous and costly gas system which cannot guarantee any proper deformation of the material, and the quite expensive induction heaters.

. Lowest power consumption and low power required.
. Duration of the tools is increased by 45% compared to the older gas systems and by 80% compared to cold forming.
. Improved wire plasticity and uniform material deformation.
. Lowest material waste and machine downtime due to tool breakage.
. This unit is provided to heat the wire up to 300°C (450°C on the 308S model) by displaying the relevant value.
. The use of lowest voltage electric current permits to eliminate any costs, inefficiencies and dangers of the older gas systems.
. The wire heater is a stand-alone unit – separated from the cold header – and can be set up quickly and easily.
. At any machine stop the generated heat is immediately balanced and adjusted to the required temperature, thus eliminating any need of stress control and over-heating of the wire.



scaldafilopannThe display of the working temperature enables the operator to select the optimum heat value depending on the specific requirements of the job.